Below is my work which was selected by Emily Henderson Design for the Portland Project.

inquires welcome  -

Thank you Emily Henderson, Emily Bowser and Brady Tolbert, the whole team was such

a huge pleasure working with you all!!! Link to her blog here

“...One of the artists that they found (and that we all fell immediately in love with) was MaryAnn Puls. She was kind enough to bring over a car full of pieces and man did we use a lot of it. The piece that we used here in the master bedroom is large, graphic and conversational and yet it still reads calm due to the subdued color palette of grays, whites, blushes, and blues (no wonder I loved it). Just by adding those softer, more muted tones into the room through the art instantly gave that wall a really impactful yet quiet statement. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the whole house and if it weren’t going to cost $600 to crate and ship it down to LA, I would buy it, so I’m hoping that my brother does. Her work is INCREDIBLE.”