collaborative installation with Yoonhee Choi of Blackfish Gallery

420 NW 9th Ave. Portland, Oregon - Sept 3 through 26, 2015


installation details:

For this collaborative installation, abstract artists Yoonhee Choi and MaryAnn Puls worked with components from their artistic practices to explore placement.

The installation spans 2 separated walls. Dense, cast concrete forms by Puls, and open formations of nails and construction staples from Choi were intuitively positioned. The placement of these attachments served as anchor points; beginnings and endings, markers and place holders, to which Choi then responded with various lengths
of string -- as if sketching -- suggesting and connecting an abstract energy between the placement of elements.

each installation area - 7’ x 8’  - materials: cast concrete, paint, paper, string, cotter pins, construction nails, staples

detail of cast concrete component

view additional concrete formsadditional_concrete.html